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Simon Diffey

Simon Diffey

Along with the rest of the historic racing community, we are deeply shocked to learn that Simon Diffey tragically lost his life in a road accident on 14th May.

Simon was an intrinsic part of the historic motor racing scene and his distinctive gold and checkered helmet was a regular and happy sight in many a paddock as inevitably there would be resounding and copious laughter. His ever-present humour made him one of the funniest people you could wish to meet but he was a certainly no clown. Simon was a complete gentleman, a very talented racing driver, and an authentic and kind-hearted person with a contagious love of life. He turned his racing hand to pretty much every genre of historic racing car.

He was our friend and raced with and against us on many occasions. We will miss him a great deal and our deepest condolences are with his wife and family.

Photo: Ecurie Bertelli Ltd

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