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Robert Blakemore, Managing Director, Ecurie Bertelli

Robert Blakemore - Managing Director

Since the age of seven, Robert has been involved with these incredible cars. He came into the business alongside Andy in 2014 and has continued to propel Ecurie Bertelli to the forefront as the prime marque specialist. As one of the next generations of pre-war Aston Martin enthusiasts, he is dedicated to preserving the heritage of these unique vehicles. Free time sees Robert enjoy historic racing, running, and time with his family.

Ali Blakemore, Administration, Marketing & Finance, Ecurie Bertelli

Ali Blakemore - Administration, Marketing & Finance

Previously an airline pilot along with husband Robert, Ali has brought a new flavour to the company. Having been involved with the new branding, showroom decor and expanded the company's digital presence, she is keen to keep Ecurie Bertelli firmly rooted in its rich history whilst taking on a modern feel. Ali is responsible for day-to-day finances, advertising and administration. She enjoys playing bass guitar and running in her spare time.

Simon Boreham, Technical Director & Engineer, Ecurie Bertelli

Simon Boreham - Technical Director & Engineer

Simon originally joined Ecurie Bertelli as an apprentice with an unbridled passion for vintage cars and bikes. He has high attention to detail and great engineering skills and now oversees all technical aspects of the workshop. He is also a natural instructor and supervises our next generation of apprentices. He owns a Classic Mini which he enjoys in his spare time, and is also a keen dinghy sailor and model aircraft flyer.

Beth Moss, PA to Robert & Events Manager, Ecurie Bertelli

Beth Moss - PA to Robert & Events Manager

Beth is an experienced PA and Administrator. She joined us as a result of company growth and uses her many skills in updating company processes and assists Robert in his broad spectrum of daily tasks. In her spare time Beth is an active advocate for animal charities and the changing of Animal Welfare Legislation and enjoys spending time with her dog.

Simon Fisher, Engine-building specialist , Ecurie Bertelli

Simon Fisher - Engine-building specialist

There is no better pre-war Aston engine than one built by our Simon. He has a fantastic eye for attention to detail and knows these engines inside and out. In his spare time he enjoys building and flying model aircraft, many of which he builds himself. He also runs a vintage car enthusiasts club and has recently acquired a vintage motorcycle which he takes on tours with his mates.

Ben Payne, Engineer & Event Support, Ecurie Bertelli

Ben Payne - Engineer & Event Support

Although Ben has a background in retail management, he found his love for vintage cars an allure he couldn't ignore. He is passionate about maintaining Aston Martin's great heritage and is a well-established part of the workshop team. He is a regular member of our events support team and enjoys keeping the Astons out on tours and track alike. He is a new and proud Dad and when he gets some time to himself he likes to attend race meetings and track days.

Graham Dunford, Engineer, Fabricator & Event Support, Ecurie Bertelli

Graham Dunford - Engineer, Fabricator & Event Support

Graham joins us with over 40 years’ experience in the motorsport arena which includes work on a broad scope of historic, formula and specialist racing cars. As such, he brings invaluable skills and experience to the team. In his spare time he enjoys watching motor racing, and particularly oval racing as he used to don his own helmet in this small track/large grid action-packed format. Graham also enjoys his classic American truck which he keeps as a running restoration project.

Callum Staff, Engineer & Event Support, Ecurie Bertelli

Callum Staff - Engineer & Event Support

Callum joined the business as an apprentice during a ground-up restoration project which allowed him to see exactly how pre-war Aston Martins go together. Now having completed his apprenticeship he is a well-established member of the team and also an advocate for Starter Motor, a charity which actively encourages young people to get involved with vintage vehicles. In his spare time, he enjoys going to car events and working on his Classic Mini.

Steve Wells, CNC Machinist & CAD specialist, Ecurie Bertelli

Steve Wells - CNC Machinist & CAD specialist

Steve is a very experienced machinist and joins us to run the in-house parts production on our CNC equipment. Since 1999 he has been making precision components for the motor racing industry, including Red Bull F1. Having started out as an apprentice tool & cutter grinder he later studied in Motor Vehicle Engineering. Steve is a keen motorcyclist and enjoys restoring his Classic 1960 AJS, and is a keen photographer in his spare time.

Sean Goddard, CNC Machinist, Ecurie Bertelli

Sean Goddard - CNC Machinist

Sean joins Steve in our CNC Machining team. He began work as a mechanical engineering apprentice before moving onto injection molding toolmaking where he learned CNC machining and programming. He has spent 21 years in Formula 1 with Jaguar, Red Bull and the Williams teams, responsible for manufacturing and production control of complex components. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycling and going to darts tournaments.

Matt Smith, Engineer & event support, Ecurie Bertelli

Matt Smith - Engineer & event support

Matt has a wealth of experience on events in sweep & support roles at various motorsport events, most notably the 2019 Peking to Paris rally. He joins our capable workshop team for servicing to restorations and everything in between. Away from the spanners he enjoys touring the countryside on his motorcycle, both on and off road.

Andy Clarke, Parts Manager, Ecurie Bertelli

Andy Clarke - Parts Manager

Andrew studied politics and worked in the finance sector before starting his engineering apprenticeship to pursue a lifelong passion for classic cars. Having completed a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and two years' experience in our workshop, he now takes control of our extensive stock of parts and foundry patterns as well as quality control and stock levels. In his spare time he enjoys taking his Alfa Romeo GT Junior out for a spin and to events, and also enjoys playing guitar and watching F1.

James Mabley, Trainee Engineer, Ecurie Bertelli

James Mabley - Trainee Engineer

James is new! Bio to follow soon

Andrew Prosser, Driver, Ecurie Bertelli

Andrew Prosser - Driver

Andrew is a Worcestershire farmer’s son and started his working life in agricultural engineering. After training, he spent 20 years working in maintenance, sales and marketing of agricultural machinery. He moved on to warehouse management and logistics for a further 20 years. With masses of driving and trailer experience, and a good sense of humour, Andrew is an asset to our team. He and his wife are involved with community-centred groups including town councils and particularly the Royal British Legion where his fund-raising efforts have been hugely beneficial.

Chief, Customer Welcome, Ecurie Bertelli

Chief - Customer Welcome

Full of boundless friendliness, Chief is now well-used to the sounds and smells of our Aston Martin haven. He enjoys walks in the countryside and chasing pigeons when off duty; be sure to shake a paw with him next time you visit!

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