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Robert Blakemore in the Ecurie Bertelli Vintage Aston Martin Showroom

Ecurie Bertelli is the pre-eminent global sales and service specialist for pre-war Aston-Martin motor cars. We are passionate about Aston-Martins; their unique heritage and their continued enjoyment.

With more than 40 years' experience we are experts in pre-war Aston-Martin motor car sales, care, repair, restoration, conservation and the leading supplier of pre-war Aston-Martin racing and event support worldwide. With peerless, authentic, technical expertise garnered over decades, EB is the acknowledged global specialist for discerning Aston-Martin owners.

Ecurie Bertelli traces its roots back to Morntane Engineering. Set up in 1976 by Nick Mason, Derrick Edwards and Judy Hogg, it quickly earned a reputation for high quality restorations of pre-war Aston-Martins alongside a thriving race and rally programme.

Today Ecurie Bertelli continues to be home to an unrivalled technical knowledge and skills base, as well as an exceptional store of pre-war Aston-Martin historical archive documentation, parts, drawings and patterns allowing us to provide the highest quality service to our customers. We cleverly blend traditional artisan engineering skills handed down over generations with modern facilities and some of the latest cutting-edge technology to provide the ultimate in pre-war Aston-Martin care.

Beautiful Astons are history in motion.
We’re here to keep their legacy alive.

40 years of high quality restoration & servicing has earned us a world-class reputation.

We have some great support packages for your race or rally, so you can focus solely on your drive.

We know these cars like no-one else.
Buy or sell with us for complete peace of mind & competitive commission.