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Ecurie Bertelli and Swan Finance - both acknowledged experts in their respective fields. For pre-war Aston Martin owners, or would-be owners, these businesses work in a fully complimentary fashion to make the acquisition and ownership of these exceptional machines as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Swan Finance provides a flexible, private banking-style approach to customer services, offering a professional and innovative financial vision that looks beyond standard funding packages.

The firm's carefully curated panel of specialist funders provides intelligently crafted bespoke finance packages, painstakingly designed for each customer and as individually crafted as the cars themselves, with features such as extended terms and advantageous residual values.

Swan Finance services include:

  • Funding for the purchase of pre-war Aston-Martin sports cars
  • The release of equity from currently owned classic or super cars to support the purchase of Ecurie Bertelli cars
  • The release of equity from currently owned pre-war Aston Martin sports cars for other purposes

Swan Finance is available to discuss your funding requirements remotely before you start your search or, as a business based close to Ecurie Bertelli, in person when you drop in and have a look round. Please contact Robert Blakemore on +44 (0) 1234 240024 for further details of the services available.

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Beautiful Astons are history in motion.
We’re here to keep their legacy alive.

40 years of high quality restoration & servicing has earned us a world-class reputation.

We have some great support packages for your race or rally, so you can focus solely on your drive.

We know these cars like no-one else.
Buy or sell with us for complete peace of mind & competitive commission.