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A3 features in Vantage magazine Summer issue

A3 features in Vantage magazine Summer issue

Much attention is being focused on the oldest surviving Aston-Martin, A3, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year - and rightly so. Few other marques can embrace such long and continuous heritage. Aston-Martin can proudly boast that the third vehicle ever manufactured not only survives, is in perfect running order but is also pretty much as it left the factory as new. Vantage Magazine have produced a cracking article in their Summer 2021 issue in salute of this auspicious milestone. Do get yourself a copy if you missed out.

Ecurie Bertelli and the Aston Martin Heritage Trust have been instrumental in A3's preservation and mechanical fitness. We have worked with the Trust over many long years now and it is always a pleasure to have A3 in the workshop. In recent times it has needed some TLC to the engine and also to the gearbox, but now it is ready to enjoy pride of place in the upcoming Aston Martin Heritage Festival where it is expected that over 600 Aston-Martins, old and new, will gather at the Dallas Burston Polo Club on Saturday 26th June. If the anticipated attendance figures are realized the Festival will be the World's largest ever gathering of Aston-Martins.

Ecurie Bertelli was pleased to assist in the production of the Vantage article by delivering and supporting A3 at Brooklands where the photoshoot took place. An appropriate setting indeed as A3 raced there in 1923, taking second place overall in the Aston-Martin race at the JCC Spring Meeting, and later 1st and 2nd on handicaps at the BARC Whitsun Meeting races.

A3's history continues to be written.

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