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Autoglym publicity campaign showcases Aston Martin barn-find

Autoglym publicity campaign showcases Aston Martin barn-find

Our barn-find Aston Martin MkII, aka 402, which featured in Octane magazine in January was again the star of the show in the recent Autoglym 'Show Your Shine' publicity campaign. Having lain undisturbed for 51 years, the Aston was the perfect candidate for showcasing their products for its first clean in half a century. Chris McCleery of Mawsley Car Valeting is a long-standing supporter of Ecurie Bertelli and frequently brings the gleam back to customers' cars before they are handed back. Being so familiar with these vehicles, he knew exactly how to approach this particular task - in removing the accumulated dirt without compromising the patina.

As this car is now the subject of a sympathetic preservation project you may well ask as to the value of cleaning it when it is to be disassembled? There are two primary reasons. To be able assess the vehicle for mechanical condition it is necessary to inspect the individual mechanical parts. Aside from this, it is essential to assess the paintwork's true colour and finish characteristics for paint-matching purposes. Although the bodywork is not to be repainted, due to the age of the original cellulose there are areas which require specialist care to prevent further deterioration.

The cleaning of 402 begins a new chapter in its history. Now under new ownership there are plans aplenty for its use and enjoyment. A video of a car being cleaned may not sound a tempting viewing offer but you will find yourself completely absorbed. Expertly filmed and edited by James Norden of Upbeat Image, this is a skillfully crafted video which does indeed manage to showcase the vehicle itself, Chris's valeting skills, as well as Autoglym's range of products.

The film is available in our video gallery as well as on our YouTube channel.

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