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81st Goodwood Members Meeting

81st Goodwood Members Meeting

Ecurie Bertelli were honoured to look after two 1930s Aston-Martins at the 81st Goodwood Members Meeting, LM4 and KO87. As ever, Goodwood put on a superb meeting with exciting racing in a beautiful and evocative setting. The weather was kind if a little cold with blue skies and no rain. Competing in the Grover Williams Trophy for Vintage Grand Prix cars, the relatively low power of the Aston Martins were pitted against mainly Bugattis. The power disadvantage of the 1 ½ litre Astons was partly offset by their far superior handling and brakes giving rise to some great battles. Despite being as much as 100bhp down, the Astons qualified in a creditable 15th and 21st from a field of 24. During the race, the Astons moved up to 13th and 15th. A superb weekend, we hope to back competing at Goodwood soon.

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