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All-Aston Horsfall Trophy

All-Aston Horsfall Trophy

After an absence of 10 years, the St John Horsfall race returned to being an all-pre-war Aston-Martin affair thanks mainly to David Freeman, who’s family have been custodian of and raced one of the most important pre-war Astons, the ‘Spa Special’.

Everyone was delighted that 18 cars representing a wide variety of pre-war cars from dedicated race cars to sports cars normally only seen on the road took part in this iconic race. The race was very kindly hosted by the Bentley Drivers club continuing what has been a very long-standing relationship between the two clubs and marques.

As the Horsfall race was the feature event, the qualifying was the first session and the race the first after the lunch break. In addition to the Horsfall race, there was a pre-war race featuring a wide variety of cars which good number of Astons took advantage of.

The Horsfall race itself saw fantastic battles throughout the field however the best of these was a lights-to-flag duel between two of the most famous and certainly fastest of all the pre-war Astons, ‘Spa Special’ and ‘Red Dragon’, with Red Dragon taking the lead to win on the last corner of the last lap! Ecurie Bertelli were delighted to have prepared and run 6 of the top 7 finishers including the top 4 places.

A superb return to form for this most fabulous of races, we can’t wait for next year.

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