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Aston Martin celebrates 110 years

Aston Martin celebrates 110 years

This really was an event like nothing else. The scene is Silverstone, British Grand Prix weekend. Free practice is over and the circuit is eerily quiet and empty, bathed in early evening sunshine.

Suddenly the peace is rudely shattered by a chorus of innumerable engines starting up simultaneously - ALL Aston Martin - and the subsequent emergence of a 110-strong hoard from their hiding place on the Stowe complex within the circuit. It was a glorious sight: Aston Martins representing the full scope of its esteemed history with a parade of cars for each of its 110 years, from the oldest survivor, A3, to the very latest hypercar, the Valkyrie.

In the mix of old and new were 11 pre-war cars, some of which have noble history as Works racecars back in period and some are totally unique. What a fantastic experience for the owners of these cars to be able to drive this famous circuit and in such distuinguished company. This was followed by a VIP tour of the brand new Aston Martin F1 factory nearby and one could even have a go at the Pit Crew Challenge: which team of three could change a wheel on last year's F1 car in the fastest time using the air gun? Well, I'm proud to say it was a team from Ecurie Bertelli who are more used to wheel changes of many more seconds and using a copper-faced hammer.

Well done to Aston Martin and Aston Martin F1 for organising such a treat.

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