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Red Dragon wins at Goodwood

Red Dragon wins at Goodwood

This year's Members Meeting had a larger than usual complement of 7 pre-war Aston Martins on the grid for the Trofeo Nuvolari, a 20-minute mixed-marque race for cars which raced before 1939. The Ten Tenths Astons were all present, with Edward Bradley's well-campaigned car bringing the Ulster score to four. Added to this were three Speed Models - all very aesthetically different. It was good to see David Freeman's Spa Special out on track again, along with Steve Skipworth in the Monoposto and finally Richard Bradley in Red Dragon. For those who don't know, Richard is a professional racing driver with a Le Mans LMP2 win under his belt as well as multiple podium finishes in various formulas which include Formula 3 and Super Formula.

Richard put in some scorching times in qualifying and secured the pole in a grid of mixed engine sizes. Off the race start, the 2-litre Speed Model just couldn't keep pace with the Altas and Fraser Nashes and Richard was down to fourth place by the first corner. Then the fun started as the nimble Red Dragon hot-footed its way through the corners and Richard had the lead again during lap 3. Then followed a nail-biting P1 switcheroo with the blue Alta of Gareth Burnett and for the next ten minutes they vied for the lead whilst lapping the back markers. By the final half dozen laps the Alta had fallen too far behind to catch the Dragon and Richard secured his first Goodwood win.

The Spa Special and Monoposto finished well in 9th and 12th respectively, with Bradley senior not far behind in P14. The Ten Tenths Ulsters sadly suffered some technical issues with James Wood's car finishing near the back in P24 and the other two retiring before the end. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic spectator race, all the more so for the joyful sight of many of Aston-Martin's race cars out on track doing exactly what they were built to do.

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