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Goodwood track day with HMW

Goodwood track day with HMW

Vintage and modern alike had fun on the esteemed tarmac at Goodwood, following on from Simply Aston the day before. Robert Blakemore lead a majestic convoy from Beaulieu to Goodwood on a most scenic route.

HWM hosted the private track day, with both their customers and ours able to take the rare opportunity to enjoy their own cars out on a track session without need of a competition licence. It was a glorious Spring day which added more magic to the occasion.

For some, it was the first time they had ventured out on track - and what a venue! For others it was a chance for a pre-season shakedown and have the cobwebs blown out of car and driver alike. For others, just to enjoy the sights and sounds along with other owners was contentment itself. Ecurie Bertelli's support crew and HWM's Flying Technician were on hand in case of any technical issues but such gremlins kept away. The day was much enjoyed by all.

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